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An Honest College Recommendation Letter

Dear Admission Committee:

It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Aiden for admission to your university (also, I didn’t have a choice - his mom is on the school board). He is one of the most exceptional (exceptionally ordinary) students I have encountered in my 20 years of teaching. I taught Aiden in my AP Government class this past year, and his passion toward the subject matter (and his phone) was evident from day one. He was also an extremely active participant in the class (called out a lot) and was excellent at taking others’ ideas and making them his own (plagiarizing on essays).

Throughout this past school year, Aiden set himself apart from the other students in my class (he was way worse). He is one of the most charismatic (loud) and animated (annoying) young men I have ever come across. His larger-than-life personality (incessant talking) always made class more interesting (a classroom management nightmare). Aiden demonstrated throughout the year that he is extremely driven and persistent (in begging for extra credit), and his self-confidence (arrogance) in class was truly unparalleled. He was never afraid to ask questions during instruction (like “Can I go to the bathroom?”), and his overall fearlessness allowed him to be a true academic risk-taker in the classroom (ie. cheating on tests right in front of my face).

Outside of school, Aiden is involved in a multitude of extracurriculars (video games, texting and partying). He is unbelievably entrepreneurial (he sells drugs) and he has a real passion for his (court mandated) volunteer work.

Aiden is, without a doubt, the most social (obnoxious), outgoing (obnoxious), and funny (obnoxious) student I have ever had the pleasure of teaching.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions (please don’t actually though).


Thomas Hurley

AP Government Teacher

Alden High School

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