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Hello Fatty - A Bigger Way to Eat

Have you ever tried one of those meal prep services, only to find the portions were so small that you spent the rest of the night scouring the pre-packaged box for even a morsel of a lonely scallion?

If this sounds like you, Hello Fatty is here to save the day! This isn’t for those new age “Keto- Friendly” or “Gluten-Free” or “Healthy Eaters" dieters. No, Hello Fatty is here for you, Joe Non-Six Pack.

Just this week, we have options such as French Toast Pizza, with a side of bacon and sausage salad. Our menu also includes triple-cheeseburger stuffed lasagna, garlic bread…ed fried chicken. On our dessert menu this week is a savory cheesecake made with heavy cream, two sticks of butter, and all the remaining fat that you can scoop up from the main course.

With different sized portion choices, you are in control of your own meals. Whether you prefer “Muffin-Top”, “Two Seats on a Airplane”, or “Haven’t Left my Bed Since the Entourage Movie," we have you covered!

Order today, and we’ll throw in two weeks of free delivery, a refrigerator magnet, and five old pound cakes we found in our warehouse.

Hello Fatty - For the True American Inside of You

Disclaimer: Hello Fatty does not endorse eating other Americans. We are not responsible for any heart, cholesterol or self esteem problems that may arise from eating our products.

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