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I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Death Eaters

I work for Voldemort (Ed. Note: We do not endorse the use of this word) but like-minded wizards and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

The Daily Prophet usually does not allow for anonymous Wizard editorials. However, when this letter flew in last week, we knew that it was important for you, the wizarding world, to gain insight into the inner workings of He - Who - Must - Not - Be - Named.

Our Dark Lord has accomplished many a great thing over his life, half life, and that time he was attached to a teacher’s head.  He has cleansed the world of many mudbloods, tortured those too weak to follow his agenda of “Wizards First”, and, under his leadership, employment amongst Death Eaters has never been higher. So many great and tremendous, wonderful, things.

Still, despite doing all of these wonderful things, our Lord faces many challenges. Just today, the Prophet falsely claimed that Voldemort was responsible for 3,000 deaths at the Quidditch World Cup, which is an absurd, bold faced lie.  Our own numbers show that Mudblood deaths alone reached into the Ten Thousands! Also, recent Divinations from Professor Gallup of Hogwarts showed that more than 70% of wizards disapprove of Voldemort’s policies. This is just flat. out. wrong.

Beyond these poorly perceived divinations from the Department of Mysteries, and false pieces of news from the enemy of the people, there is one problem even greater, challenging even a great dark wizard such as Lord Voldemort. There is a growing number of Death Eaters who are working on taking down the Dark Lord from within.

I would know, because I am one of them.

Now, I swear on Grindewald’s beard, this is different than the resistance that spurs from the Order of the Phoenix, those LOSERS. For it is our preference, like it is our Lord’s, to have this movement continue and succeed. The recent policy of Muggle Detainment Camps has ensured that we can perform our great magic whenever, and wherever, we want.

Why, for instance, do you think many Death Eaters have recently spoken against the Dark Lord? I’ll tell you why. It’s because we love these Dark Times, but even we think that they’ve gotten a little too dark.  I’m not saying that I have the morality of a Hufflepuff, but even I can see the difference between keeping our streets Muggle Free and spending every waking moment obsessing over a 13 year old boy like he’s preparing for the spring season of Bat Mitzvahs.

Recently, we have seen our Lord truly lose his mind over Potter. He spends hours each day moving around his Horcrux’s, to the point where we have begun to hide them in places even he can’t remember.

The Howler’s that he is writing about Dumbledore have to stop! Why try to instigate the one Wizard that is willing and able to stop him, just like he did at Godric’s Hollow? Additionally, he continues to side with the Dementors, despite the fact that they continue sucking the soul out of full blooded wizards.

If you take nothing else away from this, know that we all want the same evil policies, but we must continue to be smart about it. Take it from me, us Death Eaters know best.

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